2017 Aug 30

We haven’t had an official newsletter for quite a while. Hope everyone has had a good summer.

We have a picnic scheduled again this year Sunday Oct. 1st at Huguenot Park Shelter #1. Same place as last year. Coming into the park from Robious Rd. the shelter is on the right hand side. You can’t miss it. If you get to the rest rooms you did miss it. Hopefully the weather will be as nice this year as it was last year where we sat in the sun on a cool day and enjoyed some wonderful food. We have the shelter rented from 3-8 so we thought we would eat about 4:00 until probably 6:00. I will bring the horseshoe set again this year if anyone is interested in playing. It is immediately behind the shelter. There is also a volleyball court adjacent to the shelter. If anyone has a volleyball and is familiar with volleyball rules please bring it. The restrooms are maybe 100’ away and a great playground maybe 300’ down the road.
The Club will provide tablecloths, plates, plastic utensils, napkins, glasses, bottled water and iced tea. There are no alcoholic beverages permitted in a Chesterfield County park. Those of you who will be attending please let me know (preferably by email) or phone at 379-6214 what dish you will be bringing to share so we don’t get a lot of duplication.

Next topic is a Danish movie being featured at University of Richmond International Film Series. The name of the movie is The Infinite Happiness and it being shown November 17th and 19th. You will find details about the film and how to request a parking permit in the attachment hereto.

Next on the calendar is our annual Julefest at Walton Lake Clubhouse scheduled for Saturday Dec. 23rd. Details will follow with time (either 1-5 or 2-5) and reservation form. We are giving you lots of notice so you can get all those Christmas things done in advance and be able to come. For those who haven’t attended before, everyone brings part of the meal. We eat, eat and eat some more. Anyone wanting wine or beer are allowed to bring their own and then we sing carols in Danish and English, socialize, and of course clean up by 5:00.

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2016 Sep 10

Hi Friends and Members.

I hope you have all had a great summer and enjoyed some travel, whether it was near or far.
Now that school has started again it’s time to think about getting together to catch up.

I have reserved a shelter at Huguenot Park off of Robious Rd. for October 1st 3PM-8PM

The club will provide tablecloths, cups, plates, plastic ware, and bottled water (sorry can’t do coffee) and hopefully some good weather. If we should have inclement weather that day where we are not able to have it I can call Chesterfield County the following Monday and get it rescheduled. Other than that it cannot be changed or refunded.

Please everyone bring food to share. Please send me an email to let me know if you will be coming so that we have some idea of how many to expect and if you want to let me know what you will bring in the way of food and dessert that would be great too. Another reason to RSVP is so we will be able to contact everyone that morning if for some reason we wind up cancelling.

Time: October 1st 3:00-8:00 PM
Place: Huguenot Park Shelter #1 It is the Huguenot Park entrance from Robious Rd. and the shelter will be on the right side. We had this same shelter many years ago as some of you might remember.

11 tables in the shelter
Horseshoe Pit (I do have a set so those who are interested can play) We could even play for a prize.
I also have a Bocce Set I will bring if anyone knows how to play that.
Grill is available but you have to bring charcoal, utensils and everything – probably too much trouble
Volleyball 80’ from our shelter (you should bring a ball if you want to play)
Playground 400’ up the road
Restrooms 150’ up the road
Handicap accessible

So that was the October event. Now we skip to December/January. The Walton Lake Clubhouse is very busy this season and has already been rented for the 3 Saturdays in December, the 4th being Christmas Eve. We have pretty much ruled out Sundays because we find that most people can’t make it until 2:00 or after and want to be home by dark. Therefore, I have booked the Clubhouse for New Year’s Day from 12:00-4:00 and will await feedback from all of you. If anyone knows of other venues available at reasonable rates, please let me know. I understand it is appropriate in Denmark to celebrate Christmas well into January.

Finn Jensen informs me that the Danish Christmas service in Northern Virginia is December 18th. We can send more details to anyone interested in going. You get to sing Danish carols and they have coffee and cakes afterwards. I went once and it was most enjoyable bringing back memories of my childhood in Denmark.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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2015 Nov 15

directions to walton lake clubhouse
Christmas 2015 Luncheon
Saturday Dec. 19th 12:00-4:00 (eat at 12:30)

Danish Club Members, Friends and Former Members:

I know you are all probably busy thinking about Thanksgiving about now but we need to think ahead to Julefest which is right around the corner.

Everyone seemed to be happy with the way we arranged it the last couple of years so we will continue with a repeat of that. The date is set for Saturday December 19th at Walton Lake Sports Complex and Clubhouse again. If we eat around 12:30 we should have plenty of time to socialize, eat, sing carols and clean up by 4:00. The tree stays up until after New Years.

The cost of the function will be $5 for each member family to at least partially cover the rental of the facility. You may bring guests at $5 per person (no charge for guests under age 12). Each participating family should bring a portion of the meal. Please bring your fair share. We ask that you bring enough to feed your family plus 5 additional members. Also, please bring your items “table ready” along with any required serving pieces. An oven and microwave are available for heating up if necessary.

Below are our suggested lunch items from which to choose. If you do not choose as you send in your reservation we can assign foods later on that have not already been spoken for.

1. Rugbrød (Danish rye bread) **RESERVED**
2. Franksbrød (French sliced bread)
3. Smør og margarine (Butter and margarine tubs)
4. Leverpostej (liver pate) **RESERVED**
5. Sild (almindelig og i karrysovs) herring both regular and in curry **RESERVED**
6. Frikedeller (Danish meat balls) **RESERVED**
7. Rødkål (Red cabbage) **RESERVED**
8. Cooked salmon
10. Medisterpølse (Danish sausage) **RESERVED**
11. Potatoes (if we have pork and sausage)
12. Skinke i skiver (Sliced ham) **RESERVED**
13. Kalkun i skiver (sliced turkey)
14. Roast beef sliced
15. Svinekam (loin of pork)
16. Sylte (head cheese)
17. Rejer (shrimp for sandwiches)
18. Salad and dressing
19. Ost (cheese selection)
20. Pålågschocolade (chocolate for sandwiches)
21. Frugt (fruit assortment) **RESERVED**
22. Desserts:
Citron Fromage **RESERVED**
Ris Alamange

We cannot supply alcohol without an ABC license so if you want wine or beer you will need to bring your own. If anyone has Avkavit to share that would be great. We will have shot glasses. We will supply iced water, ice tea, hot coffee and ice as well as plastic and hot cups.

Reservation form follows. Please have it in no later than December 12th.


I could use some help setting up the Christmas tree. It needs to be up for a Santa Breakfast on Dec. 5th so if anyone is available to help on Thursday 12/3 I would like to hear from you. If you are not available on the 3rd you still have a chance to help. It needs to come down again after the New Year where we are a little more flexible. We can do it anytime Jan. 1st to 3rd. Please let me hear from some of you.


If anyone is interested in a Christmas service in Danish it will take place on Sunday December 20 at 2:00PM at Faith Lutheran Church on Arlington Blvd. in Arlington, VA with refreshments following. If you grew up in Denmark it should bring back some childhood memories.


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2015 Apr 23

Again, time has flown since we met at Julefest. Several people have asked whether or not we were having a Spring luncheon like we used to have. I have tentatively booked the Walton Lake Clubhouse for the only Saturday available in May and that was May 16th. If enough people are interested we had in mind a Pot Luck Lunch — bring whatever you like from 12:30 – 4:00. We would provide plates, plastic-ware, coffee, iced tea, iced water. At Walton Lake we have the option of staying inside if it’s either very hot or raining or we can move the tables out of the big deck like we did one year if the weather is pleasant (really Danish).
I would like to hear before the end of this month how many people would be attending to see if it’s actually feasible to rent the facility. So please members, contact Lissi before 4/30

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2014 Nov 16

2014 Yulefest RVSP.pdf

directions to walton lake clubhouse

Christmas 2014

Danish Club Members, Friends and former members:

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner so it’s high time we think about our Julefest.

Everyone seemed to be happy with last year’s event so we will go ahead and do a repeat performance. The date will be Sunday December 21st at Walton Lake Sports Complex and Clubhouse again. We will plan to eat around 1:30 to allow for churchgoers to get there and get home again before dark.

The cost of the function will be $5 for each member family to at least partially cover the cost of the rental of the facility. You may bring guests at $5 a piece. Each participating family/guest should bring a portion of the meal. Below are our suggested lunch items from which to choose.

1. Rugbrød (Danish rye bread, both regular and whole grain)
2. Franksbrød (French sliced bread)
3. Smør and margarine (butter and margarine)
4. Leverpostej (liver pate)
5. Sild (almindelig of i karrysovs) (herring both regular and in curry sauce
6. Fridedeller (Danish meat balls)
7. Rødkål (red cabbage)
8. Cooked salmon
10 Medisterpølse (Danish sausage).
11. Potatoes (if we have pork and sausage)
12. Skinke i skiver (sliced ham)
13. Roast Beef i skiver (sliced roast beef)
14. Svinekam (loin of pork)
15. Rejer (shrimp for sandwiches)
16. Salat (salad and dressing)
17. Ost (Cheeses)
15. Pålægschocolade (chocolate for sandwiches)
16. Desserts

As you sign up, please indicate which item(s) you would like to bring. When we determine the number of attendees we might have to make adjustments to your selection. We ask that you bring enough to feed your family plus 5 additional members. We also ask that you bring your items “table ready” along with any required serving utensils.

If you would like to drink anything other than water, iced tea or coffee please feel free to bring that as well. We will have ice,plastic cups and hot cups.

We estimate that we will start to eat around 1:30 p.m. Around 3:00 p.m. we will then sing the traditional Danish and English Christmas carols and dance around the tree, followed by clean up. We will not be taking the tree down until after the new year.

In order to get some idea of the size of the group attending we ask that you respond as quickly as possible as to whether or not you might or will not be attending. You then have until Dec. 10th to get your checks in. If there is a particular food that you want to sign up for let me know that up front as well.

Reservations and checks should be in by December 10, 2013 and sent to Lissi Ewees. .

Please use the form below to make your reservation and sign up for food choices.

Danish Club Lunch Reservation – Sunday December 21, 2014

Children’s names and ages: ________________________________________________________

I/we will bring _______________________________________



My/our check no. _______ in the amount of $5 for our family reservation plus $5 for each additional guest.
Total amount enclosed is $_____________

Please made checks payable to Danish Club of Central Va. and mail to

Danish Club of Central Va.
c/o Lissi Ewees
12811 Walton Lake Drive
Midlothian, VA 23114-7102


I have been contacted by a Lutheran pastor that Hanne Heymann has passed away. Some of you might remember her and her husband Hans from quite a few years back. Being there is no family in the US the pastor is arranging for an estate sale to sell most of their belongings. I was asked if any of the Danes in Richmond might be interested in looking at the many books, christmas plates, furniture, etc. before the estate sale. I would like to go and look so if anybody else is interested in arranging for a showing we can find a convenient time. Call Lissi 379-6214


I could use some help in setting up the 8′ Christmas tree late in the day either on Thursday 12/4 or Friday 12/5 as well as taking it back down after the new year Anyone who doesn’t mind climbing a ladder and wants to help please either send me an email at lissiewees@gmail.com or call me at 379-6214.

Thanks. Hope to see you at Julefest.

Lissi Ewees

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2014 Sep 26

Danish Club Members:

The summer has flown by and it’s almost time for the girls’ choir to arrive.
Finn and I have been busy finding housing for them and coordinating their short visit here.
They will be arriving Thursday October 16th late in the afternoon to spend the evening with their host families. Friday they will be shopping and sightseeing all day and will then perform at the Overbrook Presbyterian Church on Dumbarton Rd. in Richmond’s Northside at 7:00 PM.
For those who are not hosting, this will be the only opportunity for you to see them. This performance is open to the public so get your family and friends together and come and enjoy.
Saturday morning they will be leaving Richmond to depart out of Dulles Airport. Their time in Richmond is limited because they had two performances scheduled in Washington D.C and Northern Virginia earlier in the week, one of which is at the National Cathedral — what an honor.

Attached is a news release so you can see how they have traveled the world. You can also find some of their performances of U Tube.

Take care and hope to see you on October 17th.


2014-Frederiksbreg Church Girls Choir

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2013 Aug 16

Hi All.

I just found out that the above movie with Mads Mikkelsen started today at the Bow Tie Criterion on N. Boulevard.
Showtimes are 11:20, 1:50, 4:20, 6:50 and 9:20. I tried to find out how long it would be playing and all they could say is thru next Thursday. It would then depend on attendance as to whether it not it would be held over.


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2012 Mar 25

Danish Movie Announcement
Friday, March 30 and Sunday, April 1
In a Better World (Hævnen)
Denmark/Sweden, 2011, directed by Susanne Bier
112 min., NR

Parking Information: A limited number of visitor parking spaces are available in lot R10 (adjacent to the Robins School of Business). Visitors can also obtain a guest parking pass by contacting University Parking Services at (804) 289-8703, email parking@richmond.edu or complete the online visitor vehicle registration form at http://police.richmond.edu/parking/registration/visitor.html.

Go to danishclubcva.com and select Events for more information.

40th Jubilee of the Queen of Denmark
This January 2012; has a little bit of history and a little bit of Now for the Danish people! Celebrations were held for H.M. Queen Margrethe II in all of Denmark for the 40th Anniversary as the reigning Monarch. Beginning January 10th and carrying on through until January 15th Official Special Events were held across Denmark. A number of places that held a variety of programs including the Folketing, which is the Danish Parliament, photo and press conference in the Great Hall, Christian IX’s Palace, Amalienborg, opening of an exhibition at The Museum of Natural History, Frederiksborg Place, opening of the exhibition “Royal Gala” at Amalienborg Museum, and other places. H.M. The Queen began her reign at the death of her father January 14, 1972. There was also a wreath laying ceremony at the graves of her father and mother King Frederic IX and Queen Ingrid at Roskilde Cathedral.
This is a recap of an article from The Danish Pioneer.

Spring Event
Walton Lake, Saturday May 19th 1:00 to 4:00
The Danish Club of Central VA would like to invite you to a Spring Celebration Smørrebrød! This year’s event will again be hosted at the Walton Lake Clubhouse. Please see the enclosed directions. The luncheon will be much like the previous years, good friends sharing good food.

The bad news …
After many calls, meetings and conversations, the DCoCVA has realized just how much of a contribution was being made by Ken Thers by arranging to host the annual Julefest at The Place at Innsbrook. Unfortunately, the loss of his contributions prohibited the club from having the Julefest this past season. Currently, this function is being reviewed by the board to locate a replacement facility with a kitchen staff and chef to provide the Danish foods we’ve come to love and appreciate. If anyone has any suggestions as to a new location to host the Julefest, please contact Lissi.

The GOOD news …
As a result of the bad news, the board has chosen to suspend the membership fees for last year for all current members.

Fall Event
The date of 9/22 is a tentative at Finn Jensen’s house for the Fall pot luck picnic limited to 20 people where we hope to be able to invite University of Richmond students. More information will be available as it’s available.

Member list
The current member list is attached. Please review your information and forward any corrections to the board.

Smørrebrød Invitation

When: Saturday, May 19, 2012
Where: Walton Lake Sports Complex/Clubhouse
Time: 1:00 – 4:00 PM
Cost: $10.00 per member if you choose to bring dessert or beer (must specify on reservation form) or
$15.00 per persons if you choose to come empty handed
$15.00 each for guests
RSVP: Advance reservations only – should be in by 5/12


This year we will have stations set up where you “make your own” smørrebrød” since we do not have volunteers to spend the hours it takes to prepare. Some members seemed to like the choice of paying more and not having to bring something so we will continue to offer that for those who are pressed for time. We must know in advance though so we can shop and prepare accordingly. Please be sure to specify below what type of dessert you will bring or Danish Beer (available at Total Wine). The Club will provide soft drinks, iced tea and coffee
. ……………………………………………………………………………….

Complete and mail form below no later than May 12 please. Call Lissi with any questions 379-6214 (home) after 5:30 or 639-4646 (work)

Name of Attendees: _____________________________________________________
Tel.# __________________
# attending at $10.00 each ________________ # attending at $15.00 each _________

We will bring: Dessert ____________(preferably Danish) Beer__________________

Mail to: Danish Club of Central Va.
c/o Lissi Ewees
12811 Walton Lake Dr.
Midlothian, VA 23114

[tel: (804) 423-3500]

From Rt. 288:
Get off at Lucks Lane. If you’re coming south. on 288 you want to turn left on Lucks Lane. If you’re coming north on 288 you want to turn right on Lucks Lane. Go approx. ¼ – ½ mile to the four way stop sign. Turn left on Walton Bluff Pkwy. Continue for about a mile until you cross the lake. Turn right on the first street (Walton Lake Dr.) Go up the hill and immediately after crossing the Walton Creek intersection you will see the Walton Lake Sports Complex/Clubhouse on the left.

From 95 or 64:
Take 64 and/or 195 So. to 76 (Powhite Pkwy). Get off at Courthouse Rd. North. Bear right at the end of the ramp and come up to the traffic light at Lucks Lane and make a left. The road will narrow from four to two lanes after a couple of miles. Shortly thereafter when you come to the 4 way stop sign, turn right on Walton Bluff Pkwy. Continue for about a mile until you cross the lake. Make the first right on Walton Lake Dr. Go up the hill and immediately after crossing the Walton Creek intersection you will see the Walton Lake Sports Complex/Clubhouse on the left.

From Rt. 60 (Mithlothian Tnpk):
Coming West into Midlothian, after passing Walmart and Sam’s, take a left at the traffic light at the top of the hill (No. Woolridge). Stay to the left and take another left at Walton Park. Continue to the very end of Walton Park Rd. until you get to the stop sign. Make a right on Queensgate and come down the hill and make a left turn on Walton Bluff Pkwy. Make a left on the 3rd street which is Walton Lake Dr. Go up the hill and immediately after crossing the Walton Creek intersection you will see the Walton Lake Sports Complex/Clubhouse on the left.

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2012 Mar 03

Since the previous weather plugin has ceased to function, I have replaced it. Enjoy Danish weather at the click of a button!

Also, I added a Google Translate button. It ‘should’ translate the site to whatever language you select. I would challenge the folks that can read Danish to check it out and let us all know how accurate it is.

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2012 Jan 23

Danish Movie Announcement

Friday, March 30 and Sunday, April 1
In a Better World (Hævnen)
Denmark/Sweden, 2011, directed by Susanne Bier
112 min., NR

For more information

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