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Citronfromage — Hanne M

Citronfromage—Hanne M
(edited – John J)

A traditional Danish dessert, often serve at Jul time. This version has been modified, by Hanne to eliminate the use of raw eggs as was used in the “Old Ways”. The result is a good replication of the original; as I remember my Mother made using eggs many years ago.


2 boxes Lemon Jell-O (3 oz each)

1/2 cup Sugar

1 1/2 cup Water, boiling

2 Juice of Lemons

3 or 4 ice cubes

16 oz Cool Whip

Mix together Jell-O and sugar and dissolve in the boiling water. When dissolved add the lemon juice and ice cubes and cool until the consistency of raw egg whites.

Add and stir in the Cool Whip and continued to cool.

When ready to serve top with Whipped cream

2011 – Permission to publish given by Hanne M

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A recipe from Annette as passed onto her from her Mother.


1 3/4   lb         Flour

1/2       lb         Sweet butter

5                        Eggs

1/2       lb         Sugar

1          Tbs.     Baking powder

Lard for cooking (available in aisle with shortening… formerly located in meat case)

Melt butter; combine flour, sugar, eggs and baking powder with the melted butter.

Dough gets rolled out flat (thin, but not too thin) and cut with pastry cutter into diamond shapes with an additional slit in the center.  Take one corner (from long end) and feed it through the slit to make its distinctive shape.

Place in deep fryer with melted (hot) lard.  Do not overfill.

The dough will rise to the top.  Flip once.

Remove when light brown and drain on paper towels.  Sprinkle with Confectioners sugar if desired.

2010-09-20-Permission to publish given by Annette

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Agurkesalat (Cucumber Salad)

Agurkesalat (Cucumber Salad)

AGURKESALAT – Danish name

Dissolve sugar in heated water.
Blend in vinegar and set aside to cool.

1/3 cup water
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup white vinegar

Use for 1 medium cucumber

Peel and slice very thin, then layer in colander with salt.
Add weight to press out liquid.
Let stand for about 2-3 hours.

1 Med. Cucumbers
2-3 tsp Salt

Drain, do not rinse. Add solution to cover and let stand one hour or over night refrigerated.

This is a quick, simple traditional Danish Scandinavia smørrebrød garnish. If cucumbers are not tough skinned, you can wash and score lengthwise with a fork, before thinly slicing, to add color to the garnish.

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