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2015 Apr 23

Again, time has flown since we met at Julefest. Several people have asked whether or not we were having a Spring luncheon like we used to have. I have tentatively booked the Walton Lake Clubhouse for the only Saturday available in May and that was May 16th. If enough people are interested we had in mind a Pot Luck Lunch — bring whatever you like from 12:30 – 4:00. We would provide plates, plastic-ware, coffee, iced tea, iced water. At Walton Lake we have the option of staying inside if it’s either very hot or raining or we can move the tables out of the big deck like we did one year if the weather is pleasant (really Danish).
I would like to hear before the end of this month how many people would be attending to see if it’s actually feasible to rent the facility. So please members, contact Lissi before 4/30    Send article as PDF   

2014 Sep 26

Danish Club Members:

The summer has flown by and it’s almost time for the girls’ choir to arrive.
Finn and I have been busy finding housing for them and coordinating their short visit here.
They will be arriving Thursday October 16th late in the afternoon to spend the evening with their host families. Friday they will be shopping and sightseeing all day and will then perform at the Overbrook Presbyterian Church on Dumbarton Rd. in Richmond’s Northside at 7:00 PM.
For those who are not hosting, this will be the only opportunity for you to see them. This performance is open to the public so get your family and friends together and come and enjoy.
Saturday morning they will be leaving Richmond to depart out of Dulles Airport. Their time in Richmond is limited because they had two performances scheduled in Washington D.C and Northern Virginia earlier in the week, one of which is at the National Cathedral — what an honor.

Attached is a news release so you can see how they have traveled the world. You can also find some of their performances of U Tube.

Take care and hope to see you on October 17th.


2014-Frederiksbreg Church Girls Choir

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2012 Mar 03

Since the previous weather plugin has ceased to function, I have replaced it. Enjoy Danish weather at the click of a button!

Also, I added a Google Translate button. It ‘should’ translate the site to whatever language you select. I would challenge the folks that can read Danish to check it out and let us all know how accurate it is.    Send article as PDF   

2012 Jan 23

Danish Movie Announcement

Friday, March 30 and Sunday, April 1
In a Better World (Hævnen)
Denmark/Sweden, 2011, directed by Susanne Bier
112 min., NR

For more information

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2011 Nov 20

Per the author, the weather plugin doesn’t currently work because of a change in the data source. He says he’s working on it and hopes to have a new data source available shortly. So for the short term, I won’t disable it; but long term, I may need to replace it. Please be patient.    Send article as PDF   

2010 Aug 22

I wanted to share with you a discovery made by Soomie. Thank you Soomie.
She found a Danish butcher at Sycamore Square in Midlothian. He is in the maroon building just across the driveway from where Milepost 5 was up until a month ago if you know where that is. He does not speak Danish but he does make medisterpølse that’s wonderful. He doesn’t have it all the time but he is making it next week if you want to try it. It’s $7.99 a lb. and I’ve ordered some already. If anyone else wants to order in advance he needs the request by Tuesday. It’s not necessary to order if you just want to go by the store after Wednesday of next week and take a chance at getting some you can. His email is or phone (804) 464-1712 Hours are Mon. – Wed. 10-7, Thurs. – Sat. 10-8 and Sunday 11-4. He also has said that he can get flæskestej for anyone interested. He also carries Carlsberg.

Check it out and enjoy. Send him an email and get on his weekly newsletter list.


(edit – updated email address)

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2009 Jun 10 – web site online

Greetings everyone!

The website now resides in it’s new home! I think I have moved just about everything over from the beta site. I know I still need to fix the Danish flag logo I had earlier on the banner at the top. I’ll get this in the next day or so. Now that we’re officially online, I’ll gradually add more content and features. Please stay tuned, and for those who don’t what to miss an update, check out the RSS feed. (top menu block over on the left)

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Mar 19 website update

added event calendar; now we should be able to post events onto a calendar. this is on the ical standard so many can get these entries on their personal calendars.

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Mar 14 – Board Meeting

As a result of comments made at the Spring Board Meeting, the online newsletters have been edited to remove full names and addresses.    Send article as PDF