A recipe from Annette as passed onto her from her Mother.


1 3/4   lb         Flour

1/2       lb         Sweet butter

5                        Eggs

1/2       lb         Sugar

1          Tbs.     Baking powder

Lard for cooking (available in aisle with shortening… formerly located in meat case)

Melt butter; combine flour, sugar, eggs and baking powder with the melted butter.

Dough gets rolled out flat (thin, but not too thin) and cut with pastry cutter into diamond shapes with an additional slit in the center.  Take one corner (from long end) and feed it through the slit to make its distinctive shape.

Place in deep fryer with melted (hot) lard.  Do not overfill.

The dough will rise to the top.  Flip once.

Remove when light brown and drain on paper towels.  Sprinkle with Confectioners sugar if desired.

2010-09-20-Permission to publish given by Annette

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