I wanted to share with you a discovery made by Soomie. Thank you Soomie.
She found a Danish butcher at Sycamore Square in Midlothian. He is in the maroon building just across the driveway from where Milepost 5 was up until a month ago if you know where that is. He does not speak Danish but he does make medisterpølse that’s wonderful. He doesn’t have it all the time but he is making it next week if you want to try it. It’s $7.99 a lb. and I’ve ordered some already. If anyone else wants to order in advance he needs the request by Tuesday. It’s not necessary to order if you just want to go by the store after Wednesday of next week and take a chance at getting some you can. His email is Eric@Longhornandlager.com or phone (804) 464-1712 Hours are Mon. – Wed. 10-7, Thurs. – Sat. 10-8 and Sunday 11-4. He also has said that he can get flæskestej for anyone interested. He also carries Carlsberg.

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(edit – updated email address)

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