2011 Nov 20

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“Did you know?” – Akvavit

I’ve grown up hearing about and later enjoying akvavit. I finally took a few minutes to try to find out a little something about it and determine if any of my uncles pulled my leg. At least as far as akvavit is concerned, it seems they were straight with me. In case anyone else wanted a little more background on this traditional beverage, please check out the wikipedia page.

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Citronfromage — Hanne M

Citronfromage—Hanne M
(edited – John J)

A traditional Danish dessert, often serve at Jul time. This version has been modified, by Hanne to eliminate the use of raw eggs as was used in the “Old Ways”. The result is a good replication of the original; as I remember my Mother made using eggs many years ago.


2 boxes Lemon Jell-O (3 oz each)

1/2 cup Sugar

1 1/2 cup Water, boiling

2 Juice of Lemons

3 or 4 ice cubes

16 oz Cool Whip

Mix together Jell-O and sugar and dissolve in the boiling water. When dissolved add the lemon juice and ice cubes and cool until the consistency of raw egg whites.

Add and stir in the Cool Whip and continued to cool.

When ready to serve top with Whipped cream

2011 – Permission to publish given by Hanne M

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Danish history of Elko VA

Danish Club members may be interested in seeing what she has to show on Saturday Jan. 29, 2011; at Deep Run Recreation & Parks Center Park, 9910 Ridgefield Parkway in the West End of the county, near Gaskins Rd. The center in located near the back part of the park. For more information: click here.

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Richmond VA Julefest for Dec 2010

2010 Julefest with Danish Club of Central Virginia

The great thing about traditions is that we can enjoy them each year. Our Julefest; again was at the Place with the traditional Danish food prepared by the Chef Ken Thers and his staff. I have to admit my taste varies some years and I was more interested this year in the roast duck instead of the pork roast. But I did not forget to partake of all the good food. The selection of several herrings and fish followed with a selection of cheeses. And back down the line to refill the plate with frikedeller, roast pork, brunede kartofler and red cabbage. I finished off with dishes of Citron fromage and Ris A’lamandle. We could now see who would find the almond in the rice pudding and came forward to gather the prize.

We were able to schedule our Julefest before the end of the school session. And we enjoyed the company of eight students attending a semester at the University of Richmond, VA; from the University of Copenhagen. Just in time, as most would leave the next week for travels before returning to Denmark. We wish all a Godt Nytår…

The Club has establish a web link thanks to the work of brothers—Barry and Gene and can be seen at http://danishclubcva.com/ It is in its early stages of design development and we hope members will provide stories and recipes to be posted and add comments.

We have added new members to our group. Eric and Elizabeth Anderson owners of Longhorn & Larger Meat & Beverage Co at Sycamore Square (think—medisterpølse, Flæskesteg med svær and more specialties)! Also Simon, a law student at University of Richmond, and Sue and Jack. And we say welcome!

We send get well wishes to Helle and Bitten …

We have a chance to see some history of the Danish Community established here in Elko, Virginia, about 1915-16. Several members grew up in this community. Sandy will have display tables set up with information about the history she has compiled for the East Henrico County area including the Danish settlement, the Elko Tract, other groups and a church there. Some of the Danish Club members may be interested in seeing what she has to show on Saturday Jan. 29, 2011; at Deep Run Recreation & Parks Center Park, 9910 Ridgefield Parkway in the West End of the county, near Gaskins Rd. The center in located near the back part of the park.

The description listed here is based on a notice in “At Your Leisure” a Henrico County magazine. Hunt for Henrico History: A unique look at Henrico County’s past as we commemorate our diverse history with a day of living history presentations and unique historic displays highlighting Henrico neighborhoods, schools, churches, and civic organizations along with special activities for kids. Take part as we capture the history and personal side of Henrico’s 400th Anniversary as the second permanent English settlement in North America. This is a unique “show and tell” project when you bring in a family photograph, document, or memento. You’ll have the opportunity to have this memorabilia photographed or scanned for inclusion in a public archive preserving our collective histories.

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Julefest 2010

See the newsletter for details and reservation form.

Schedule will be approximately as follows:

4:00-5:00 Cash bar and socializing, decorating the tree
5:00-6:30 Dinner
6:30-7:00 Gift Exchange/Door prizes
7:00-8:00 Dance around the tree/sing carols

For additional information, call Lissi at 804-379-6215(h) or 804-639-3898(w).
Please complete, attach your check and have reservations in no later than December 8th.

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November/December 2010

Welcome new members

We would like to give a warm welcome to three new member families to the Club! Eric and Elizabeth, owner of Longhorn & Lager Meat & Beverage Co. at Sycamore Square (Attached is an article from the Richmond Magazine in which Eric was featured) – they didn’t mention that he has medisterpølse, flæskesteg med svær (pork with skin on) by order, as well as specialty meats, fish, imported beer. Check it out! Also, Simon is a law student at The University of Richmond, and Sue and Jack.

Have you been to our Web Site?

The link to the Danish Club of Central Virginia is – http://danishclubcva.com/ Many thanks to Barry for building our website and to John for his assistance. This was years in the making.

We have not yet seen many visitors. It is up and running even though we still need to add “News”, “Announcements”, “Events”, “Newsletters” and “Recipes” of our activities as time progresses. All in due time … Clicking on the Flag will get you back to the Home Page.

Don’t be afraid to come see what’s new!

A couple recipes have been posted as tests and more would be welcome. I know we have a number of great cooks who have worked in the kitchen in the past and I do have some recipes from these people. The plan is not to post any recipes unless the “Cook” has given us permission.

DVDs and VHS tapes

As Hanne & John are getting ready to downsize to a smaller house, they have donated Danish DVDs and VHS tapes to the Club. They now “live” at Lissi’s house and can be borrowed by anyone interested in viewing them.

DVD titles are as follows:

Victor Borge Comedy & Music Victor Borge The Early Years
Victor Borge Then & Now 2 Victor Borge Then & Now 3
Victor Borge Birthday Gala-Wolf Trap

VHS tape collection is as follows:

Nøddebo Præstegård Ta’ Det Som En Mand, Frue Jul I Købmandsgaaden
De Røde Heste Far Til Fire Min Farmors Hus
Baronessen fra Benzintanken Biskoppen Lystspil
Det Store Løb Bolettes Brudefærd I Selskab med Margrethe
Ditte Menneskebarn Barndommens Gade Victor Borge Birthday Gala
Victor Borge Act One & Two Victor Borge Great Comedy Performances


A speedy recovery to Bitten who has returned home from St. Francis Hospital and Sheltering Arms Rehab recovering from a knee replacement. Get back on your feet so you can come to Julefest.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery also go out to Helle who has not been having a very good year. We hope things look up for you and that we will see you soon.

Anytime any of you have any news to share, whether it is the birth of a baby, a death, a big anniversary, etc. please let one of the board members know so we can get the word out.

The Christmas service at the Faith Lutheran Church in Arlington, VA takes place this year on December 19th at 11:00 a.m. The address is 3313 Arlington Blvd. (Rt. 50), Arlington, Va. Anyone interested in carpooling please contact Lissi and I will try to coordinate it.

***Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.***
It has been brought to our attention that the Danish church service in Arlington is at 2:00 PM. The English is at 11:00.


NOW for our big event – Julefest – it is planned at The Place at Innsbrook again this year on Sunday, December 12th. It is my understanding that Ken Thers has sold The Place but will oversee the catering for us to make sure we have the usual wonderful spread we are used to.

For those of you have not had the pleasure of enjoying one of Ken’s hot and cold tables, the cold table usually includes several different variations of herring, homemade liver pate, salads, salmon cheeses, fruits, etc. The warm table is usually a type of fish, frikedeller, pork roast, duck, vegetables, potatoes, red cabbage and other surprises. Dessert usually includes citron fromage, ris alamande (of course with a marzipan pig as the almond prize), and a variety of other desserts. As usual, there will be a cash bar available.

This year is very special. Since we are celebrating when school is still in session we might have all 8 Danish students from the University of Richmond dance around the tree with us. They have all said they are interested in coming. Anyone coming from Southside or the near west end that might be able to assist in transporting them please contact Lissi to coordinate.

Another very special treat this year is a DJ. Barbara’s daughter Susanne has volunteered to donate her time and effort for the party to coordinate our music. Her daughter has also volunteered face painting for the children (and probably adults too if anyone is interested).

Casper has graciously offered to supply all the door prizes. Thanks in advance Casper.

Anyone interested in the “Dirty Santa” gift exchange as we have done the past few years, please bring a wrapped gift (value approx. $10). Some members are not at all interested but then there are others who think a Christmas party is not a Christmas party without gifts. To try to please everyone we will have it but we will make it short and sweet.

The pricing will be as follows:

$25.00 each for members in good standing. If you have not yet paid your membership for 2010 you had better enclose it with your reservation or you will be considered a guest.
$30.00 for guests (non-members)
$12.50 children ages 3-10
No charge for children under age 3

Schedule will be approximately as follows:

4:00-5:00 Cash bar and socializing, decorating the tree
5:00-6:30 Dinner
6:30-7:00 Gift Exchange/Door prizes
7:00-8:00 Dance around the tree/sing carols

For additional information, call Lissi at 804-379-6215(h) or 804-639-3898(w).
(Reservation Form Link) Please complete, attach your check and have reservations in no later than December 8th.

2010-12-12 – danish club cva – julefest reservation form

2011 – danish club cva – membership form

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A recipe from Annette as passed onto her from her Mother.


1 3/4   lb         Flour

1/2       lb         Sweet butter

5                        Eggs

1/2       lb         Sugar

1          Tbs.     Baking powder

Lard for cooking (available in aisle with shortening… formerly located in meat case)

Melt butter; combine flour, sugar, eggs and baking powder with the melted butter.

Dough gets rolled out flat (thin, but not too thin) and cut with pastry cutter into diamond shapes with an additional slit in the center.  Take one corner (from long end) and feed it through the slit to make its distinctive shape.

Place in deep fryer with melted (hot) lard.  Do not overfill.

The dough will rise to the top.  Flip once.

Remove when light brown and drain on paper towels.  Sprinkle with Confectioners sugar if desired.

2010-09-20-Permission to publish given by Annette

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2010 Aug 22

I wanted to share with you a discovery made by Soomie. Thank you Soomie.
She found a Danish butcher at Sycamore Square in Midlothian. He is in the maroon building just across the driveway from where Milepost 5 was up until a month ago if you know where that is. He does not speak Danish but he does make medisterpølse that’s wonderful. He doesn’t have it all the time but he is making it next week if you want to try it. It’s $7.99 a lb. and I’ve ordered some already. If anyone else wants to order in advance he needs the request by Tuesday. It’s not necessary to order if you just want to go by the store after Wednesday of next week and take a chance at getting some you can. His email is Eric@Longhornandlager.com or phone (804) 464-1712 Hours are Mon. – Wed. 10-7, Thurs. – Sat. 10-8 and Sunday 11-4. He also has said that he can get flæskestej for anyone interested. He also carries Carlsberg.

Check it out and enjoy. Send him an email and get on his weekly newsletter list.


(edit – updated email address)

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2009 Jun 10 – web site online

Greetings everyone!

The website now resides in it’s new home! I think I have moved just about everything over from the beta site. I know I still need to fix the Danish flag logo I had earlier on the banner at the top. I’ll get this in the next day or so. Now that we’re officially online, I’ll gradually add more content and features. Please stay tuned, and for those who don’t what to miss an update, check out the RSS feed. (top menu block over on the left)

– Barry

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